ANTARTIKA® V40 is a preparation based on a novel biopolymer (polyamino acid) authorised by the OIV (resolution Oeno 543/201). It ensures stabilisation of wines with regard to tartrate precipitation of potassium bitartrate. It is a protective colloid that acts both on the formation of crystals and on the growth of microcrystals of potassium bitartrate present in the wine.

What are the goals?

ANTARTIKA® V40 offers maximum tartrate stability! Thanks to its highly concentrated composition, a very low dose is sufficient to deal with tartrate instability in red, white and rosé wines. ANTARTIKA® V40 has no organoleptic effect and has no impact on final filtration. However, it is recommended to carry out a prior filterability test. ANTARTIKA® V40 does not stabilise calcium tartrate. Like metatartaric acid and CMC, ANTARTIKA®V40 can react with lysozyme.

ANTARTIKA® V40 is your wine’s best friend, combining efficient tartrate stabilisation and colour stability in red wines.


Maximum tartrate stabilisation
In-line stabilisation
Instant action
No change in clogging index
Reduced environmental impact

What types of wine?

Unstable to very unstable red wines.
Can also be used for still white and rosé wines that are protein-stable.

Acts almost instantly

What form does it take?

Liquid product for easier use and better performance

Can be added before or after final filtration