ANTARTIKA® is a preparation based on a novel biopolymer (polyamino acid) authorised by the OIV (resolution Oeno 543/201) and on a plant polysaccharide. It is a protective colloid that acts both on the formation of crystals and on the growth of microcrystals of potassium bitartrate present in the wine. It not only inhibits the formation of potassium tartrate salts and blocks their growth, but also contributes to the stability of the colour of red wines while giving it smoother body.

What are the goals?

The primary purpose of ANTARTIKA® is to offer a sustainable alternative to additive and subtractive techniques for unstable to very unstable wines. ANTARTIKA® prevents tartrate precipitation with reliable, long-lasting results. It preserves organoleptic characteristics and is resistant to high temperatures.

ANTARTIKA® is your wine’s best friend, combining efficient tartrate stabilisation and colour stability in red wines.


What types of wine?

Unstable to very unstable red wines.
Can also be used for still white and rosé wines that are protein-stable.

Acts almost instantly.

What form does it take?

Liquid product for easier use and better performance

Can be added before or after final filtration
pompe micro-doseuse

Micro-metering pump

The micro-metering pump was designed for precise and simultaneous dosing of liquid additives into wine during bottling. They may be added before or after microfiltration. The pump makes it possible to dose up to three additives simultaneously on the same line, and to view data for the ingredients.